Nuclear Decarbonization eBook Series

While wind, solar, and hydro power occupy critical space in our renewable energy portfolio, the limitations of each will likely prevent them - at least in the near-term - from playing more than a supporting role in establishing our independence from fossil fuels. To accelerate our arrival at a true net-zero carbon future, we’ll need to rely on the only large-scale, zero-emission generation technology currently available: nuclear. In this series of e-books, we’ll examine the current state of nuclear energy production, the modern power grid, and nuclear energy’s role in decarbonizing our energy production and distribution system. 

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Clean Ambition: Nuclear Energy and Decarbonization 

In this first installment of our e-book series, we’ll dive deeper into current renewable generation capacity, energy storage technology, the realities of today’s electricity market, and the economics of renewable energy production.

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Nuclear Energy: A Star on Earth 

While current perceptions of nuclear energy have been shaped in large part by stories of near- or full-on disaster, the reality is that the next generation of nuclear reactors will be the safest and most efficient ever produced.

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Nuclear and the Modern Grid: Decluttering our Understanding

Practically all of the energy we use comes over ‘the grid,’ a network of thousands of power plants, tens of thousands of substations, all feeding 150 million buildings. To prepare for a zero-carbon future, energy suppliers and policymakers should plan now for grid expansion that’s smart, fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

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The Zero-Carbon Energy System

A reliable supply is only one piece of an energy system. In this final installment of our series, we take a look at the many components that will be necessary to build, integrate, and maintain a successful net-zero-carbon energy structure.

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