IgniteX Climate Tech Showcase

We are excited to showcase our eight startups in the 2022 Black & Veatch IgniteX Climate Tech Accelerator program. This year’s class brings innovators developing decarbonization solutions ranging from battery diagnostics to fertilizer production to circular fashion-- all trying to reinvent their industry and deliver more sustainable solutions.
IgniteX Climate Tech Accelerator participants:


Circ has created a technology system that returns clothes to the raw materials from which they were made, thus threading together the future of circular fashion.


ElectricFish develops and deploys energy storage-integrated EV charging to power a sustainable, resilient, and equitable energy future.


Next Hydrogen has revolutionized electrolyzer cell design to maximize current density and dynamic response – effectively providing a path to the lowest levelized cost of green hydrogen.


Nitricity produces nitrogen fertilizer from air, water, and renewable electricity.


ReJoule maximizes the value of electric vehicle batteries with its advanced battery diagnostics technology.


Twelve is the carbon transformation company eliminating emissions by transforming CO2 into critical chemicals, materials and fuels.

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