Join Black & Veatch at Enlit Asia - the unifying brand for POWERGEN Asia and Asian Utility Week, showcasing expert knowledge, innovative solution and foresight from industry leaders, coherent with Asian strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply. At Black & Veatch, we partner with you at any stage of your journey to help you accelerate through the energy transition. Together, we are building a world of difference

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Speaker Schedule

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INDUSTRY LEADERS’ PANEL: ‘Let’s be Realistic’: How Can ASEAN Achieve its 2050 Net Zero Emission Targets?

20 September 2022, Tuesday | 14:05hrs (GMT+7, ICT)
Narsingh Chaudhary: Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific


HYDROGEN PANEL: Starting from Storage, Transportation, Upscaling and Exportation - Hydrogen as A Sustainable and Cleaner Energy Solution

21 September 2022, Wednesday
Todd Edsall: Director Asia-Pacific Global Operations, Solutions & Capabilities

FINANCING & ENERGY TRANSITION PANEL: Energy Storage Systems as an Enabler of RE Integration & Grid Modernisation Strategies

22 September 2022,  Thursday
Jerin Raj: Director, South-East Asia


Knowledge Hub: The Clean Energy Revolution


PRESENTATION: Energy Transition to Renewables and Hydrogen

20 September 2022, Day 1 | 15:20hrs (GMT+7, ICT)
Nitin Danave: Process Subdiscipline Leader

Knowledge Hub: The Grid


PRESENTATION: Investment-Efficient Transmission System

20 September 2022, Day 1 | 13:40hrs (GMT+7, ICT)
Aashish Maheshwari: Senior Electrical Engineer

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Accelerating Asia’s Energy Transition

Thought Leadership Articles

eBook: Natural Gas: An Energy Transition Fuel for Asia Pacific

This eBook explores opportunities for natural gas as an energy transition fuel – from the production and supply of LNG through to the generation of electric power through turbine technology – and outlines how clients can go farther, faster and realize cost efficiencies by planning through the entire current and future natural gas value chain.

eBook: 2022 Hydrogen's Role in Energy Storage

In the drive for net zero, hydrogen complements the integration of renewables and electrification of transport and difficult to decarbonize industries. As a result, the most abundant element in the universe is central to our decarbonized future.

eBook: Expanding Transmission to Accelerate Asia’s Renewable Integration

This eBook talks about the key approaches for different phases of renewable energy projects and insights into transmission expansion strategies that will accelerate renewable integration in Asia.

Webinar: Considerations for Hybrid Renewable Generation Plus Battery Energy Storage Projects

This webinar reviewed current market and development trends, and discussed advantages, technical considerations as well as future implications for the addition of battery energy storage to solar and wind-based renewable power generation projects.
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